SSA goals

Here at the SSA we aim to benefit all in the Calisthenics community by providing top quality courses and affiliations the help benefit our coaches in multiple ways.
We aim to grow the sport across the UK and Europe to the level of a recognised sport and engage the general public in the entertainment and physical activity of the sport.


Welcome the the Street Sports Association Official Website!
Here at the SSA we take it upon ourselves to organise the goings on of Calisthenics, Street Workout and all other Street Sports movements.
Competitions, Courses, Athlete development, equipment, coaching, affiliation, memberships and gradings all in one place.
We are currently developing a network of top level coaches that can benefit from their affiliation with the SSA and help grow the discipline in the public eye!
If you love, like or are curious about calisthenics, get in touch and see what we at the SSA can do for you!


We hold a host of courses that benefit people from all walks of life.
We have coach the coach courses, our L1 and L2 SSA coach affiliate courses, workshops for people who are interested and want to learn more about calisthenics, and in depth courses on how the body works with calisthenics, mobility and strength.
These are provided by our SSA approved course provider Body Weight Gurus.
Each course appeals to different individuals and you know it is the best quality course across the UK and Europe because it has thee SSA approved logo on it!