Our L1 and L2 coaching courses are CPD accredited, these courses qualify our coaches up and down the country to be able to deliver high quality knowledge to their clients and all SSA members.

L1 is a 2 day course that teaches goes in depth with the digressions, progressions and alterations of the exercises, how the grading system works and the best way to implement Calisthenics into your coaching strategies.

L2 is a day course that is delivered by Body Weight Gurus which will develop your knowledge on the body within calisthenics as a whole.

We run workshops with athletes all over the UK to encourage the sport and help its growth and with the ever growing community that we are creating we can see a definite future and job role for Calisthenics Coaching all over the nation.

Day Courses

Our Day courses are 4 hour workshops that will show you the fundamentals of some of the staple calisthenics exercises.
Giving you digressions, workouts hints and tips to achieve these amazing gravity defying feats!

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    Welcome to calisthenics

    An introduction to some of the basic exercises performed correctly. A little bit of everything that will get the body moving, great to create your own workouts or impliment into your current training routine.

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    mindset for muscle ups

    Learn how to perfect the muscle ups, Calisthenics style! Using strength and proper conditioning to attain this highly acclaimed exercise!

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    level up your levers

    Front, back and elbow levers are all covered in this workshop. We will go over the basic conditioning exercises and ensure you leave with a wealth of leaver knowledge!

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    human flag party trick

    Learn a variety of flags that will impress your mates at the gym or on a night out!

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    Power of the planche

    A gravity defying exercise only achieved by the dedicated and the few!

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